My Nude Shade: Empowering People of Color to Embrace Their Unique Skin Tone

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Discover Your Perfect Shade of Nude with My Nude Shade’s Innovative Approach
A color-organized collection bandages, makeup, boob tape, nipple pasties, and underwear from My Nude Shade.

Finding the perfect shade of nude can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for people of color. Traditional beauty standards often overlook the diverse range of skin tones, leaving many people feeling unseen and undervalued. However, one company in Cleveland, Ohio, is determined to change that narrative. Introducing My Nude Shade, the online store that is revolutionizing the way actors, dancers, athletes, performers, and everyday people of color discover their ideal shade of nude.

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Founded in October 2021 (4 months after conception), and soft-launched in March 2022, My Nude Shade has quickly become a go-to destination for individuals seeking products that truly represent and celebrate their skin tones. The founder and creative C.E.O, Ebony Glass, explains the company’s mission, saying,

“Our goal, at My Nude Shade, is to make every person of color feel seen whether they want to blend in or stand out. We understand the frustration of searching for the perfect nude shade, and we are here to provide a solution that empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty.” — Ebony Glass

What sets My Nude Shade apart is its commitment to inclusivity and convenience. The online store curates a wide range of products from various brands and manufacturers, ensuring customers have access to an extensive selection. Not only are the products categorized by type, such as tights, makeup, and apparel, but they are also further organized by skin tone range.

With shades ranging from light to tan, tan to brown, and brown to dark brown, My Nude Shade simplifies the shopping experience, making it effortless for customers to find products that match their skin tone.

Taking the shopping experience to the next level, My Nude Shade has partnered with roboMUA, a leading provider of customer algorithms using advanced machine learning. Through this collaboration, My Nude Shade offers personalized recommendations for tights, ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their skin tone. By harnessing roboMUA’s cutting-edge AI technology.

Understanding that personalized guidance is crucial when it comes to finding the ideal nude shade, My Nude Shade also offers free consultations. The company’s knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping customers navigate the selection, offering expert advice and support. Whether it’s a question about product suitability or assistance in finding the perfect match, My Nude Shade’s experts are committed to ensuring every customer feels confident and satisfied with their purchases.

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In a world where representation matters, My Nude Shade is leading the charge. By catering to the diverse needs of people of color, the company is breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards and the retail experience among people of color. With its innovative approach, My Nude Shade empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty, providing a platform where they can find their perfect shade of nude without frustration.

If you’re tired of feeling overlooked and undervalued when it comes to finding your ideal nude shade, My Nude Shade is here to help. Visit today and experience the convenience, inclusivity, and empowerment that come with discovering your true shade of nude.

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