A short affirmation on a white paper on a brown burlap background. Affirmations for performers of color that says, I embrace the power of representation and inspire others through my artistry.

The Power of My Representation! Inspiring Journal Prompts | Week Three

Who has inspired you to become who you are and what you do today?
Affirmations and journal prompts for performers of color on a white paper note and a beige background..

How to Feel Worthy as an Artist: Inspiring Journal Prompts | Week Two

This Week's Journal Prompt: Do I truly feel like I deserve what I have or am going for? Why or why not?
A bundle deal including a pair of medium brown women's underwear with skin tone matching nipple covers, two rolls of boob tape, and band-aids laying on a white background with a flower. Shop for your skin tone in 15 minutes or less.

Empower Your Glow: Easy Skin-Tone Shopping for Performers of Color!

My Nude Shade makes it that simple for everyone of every skin color to shop their shade in 15 minutes or less. Click to find out how!
Bundles of skin-toned underwear, boob tape, nipple covers, and bandages in matching skin colors for bridal, prom, and formal wear occasions on a white background with flowers and My Nude Shade logo.

Five Essentials to Look Elegant In Your Wedding, Prom, or Formal Dresses and Outfits.

It's 2024, we're making better underwear choices for our wedding, prom, and homecoming dresses and we're making them in our skin tone! Here's what we recommend!
A white note on a beige background with affirming words for Black, Brown, and Indigenous performers and athletes.

Heritage and Pride For BIPOC Performers: Inspiring Journal Prompts| Week One

Week One Journal Prompt: How can you show pride in your heritage in the performing arts? What is stopping you?
A beautiful dark skin black model with a large afro and glowing skin.

Be Your Valentine! How to Fall in Love with Your Dark Skin in 2024!

Make 2024 the year you begin to show affection for your complexion. Read more on how to love your dark skin color and how to show some appreciation for your melanin.
A collage of three women modeling Sheer Chemistry tights for black and brown skin.

Where to buy dance tights for Black and Brown skin tones in 2024?

We’ve found seven reliable online stores with various skin-colored dance tights for brown and black skin tones.
Pointe shoes for brown skin ballet dancers.

Inclusively En Pointe: Best Places That Make Brown Pointe Shoes

Forget pancaking! 5 Inclusive companies that make and sell pointe shoes for brown and black dancers.
A tanned woman posing on one leg in brown stirrup dance tights.

7 Ways to Keep Dance Tights Looking New and Fresh

7 steps on keeping your tights looking new and fresh longer than ever.