Innovative Product Spotlight: Browndages. Bandages For All Shades of Brown

bandages for brown skin colors arranged in a fan from light to dark next to a box of assorted Browndages.

We're so happy to announce that Browndages has joined!

Browndages Assorted Box Sold On

A Quick History of Browndages:


As seen on Shark Tank, Browndages was founded in 2018 by Rashid Mahdi and Intisar Bashir, a husband-and-wife duo based in Columbus, Ohio. They entered the market to fill in the gap for the melanin community by creating bandages for every shade of brown skin. They've realized that for over a century, we've only been exposed to bandages made in the color of "beige" or in cute and fun colors with superheroes, animals, and even food. Every color but brown. 

Therefore, they've created Browndages (Brown + bandages) for people of color. They've created five different shades of bandages made with breathable and flexible fabric and a non-toxic hypoallergenic adhesive. They also have bandages with brown children as doctors, judges, dancers, chefs, and every profession we want our children to dream of themselves to be.

Some may not think this is important, but for the rest of us, having bandages in your skin tone is everything! ⠀

A quote from Bashir, "We wanted to instill in our children and show them that even a product as small as a bandage should take you into consideration.” We couldn't agree more.

Browndages Shade Chart

Why Sells Browndages

It is our goal to make it more convenient for people of color to shop for their shade of nude. We do this by sourcing brands and products that keep people of color and of all shades of brown on the top of their list and not the bottom. 

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We only carry brands that make an effort to change the meaning of "nude". Nude isn't beige for everyone! There are a variety of people with varying skin tones that need products with their flesh tone in mind. Browndages noticed the lack of inclusion of black and brown skin tones in products like bandages. Also, they're a black-owned company and here at (a black woman-owned company), that is very important to us.

Caramel Colored Browndages -


Why You Should Make The Switch To Browndages.

1. You should make the switch to using Browndages because you deserve to be able to have bandages in your skin tone and to find it with ease just like we can find beige bandages. 

2. You have more than one shade of brown on your body. Your legs might be "caramel", but your chest is "wheat" and your knees are "mocha".

3. You have more than one shade of brown in your household. Some of us have children, parents, siblings, roommates, friends, or spouses that are lighter or darker than we are. 

4. If you're anything like us, you're no longer settling and accepting anything that doesn't suit the color of your skin. Your skin color isn't an inconvenience or a burden. It's gorgeous! It's radiant! It's just right!

What Shade of Browndages Does Your Skin Tone Resemble?

Click to play the video below.


Sand, Wheat, Caramel, Mocha, or Ebony? Let us know in the comments.

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