About Us - The Vision

A collection of products for people with brown to dark skin tones.

Our vision: Here at My Nude Shade LLC is to make every person of color feel seen even whether they want to blend in or stand out.

Our Mission: We aim to provide all people of color easier access to products in their skin tone by listing a variety of brands and products on our site, being size inclusive, and being able to ship products all over the world. The majority of the brands we include on our site are black-owned and/ or woman-owned companies that have included darker skin tones in their product development process.

We know that beige isn't nude for everyone. We have more options now than we ever have before, but that leads to another problem, spending hours searching the internet trying to find our shade, in our budget, and our size.

We spend countless hours and thousands of dollars searching for things in the color that may or may not match our skin tone, which adds to that struggle. If you search Google or any search engine for your shade of nude in shapewear, shoes, bags, and lipstick, I can guarantee that you would spend a minimum of half an hour shopping and hope they match when they arrive.

So, I've created My Nude Shade (MyNudeShade.com), a site to help you find everything you would want or need in your nude shade.


~Ebony J. Glass, Founder of MyNudeShade.com.

 Headshot of Ebony Glass, founder of My Nude Shade LLC.

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