Five Essentials to Look Elegant In Your Wedding, Prom, or Formal Dresses and Outfits.

Bundles of skin-toned underwear, boob tape, nipple covers, and bandages in matching skin colors for bridal, prom, and formal wear occasions on a white background with flowers and My Nude Shade logo.

Overwhelming as it might be, dress shopping can beautiful and fun, but also one of the most tedious tasks to do when looking for the right, color, style, and size.

Looking for the perfect underwear to go under it is another chore. And NO, we're not setting for the standard itchy blueberry-color pack-o-panties that come with 12 for the price of one. Nor are we settling for that lint-covered bra with the holes in it and the over-stretched straps. 

Give those rusty bras and panties up to Jesus and opt for options that give lift, flexibility and comfort.

It's 2024, we're making better underwear choices and we're making them in our skin tone. 

Here's what we recommend!

1. Nude underwear.

Did you know that white underwear can still show underneath your white wedding dress? It is true for prom dresses and other formal wear. For a more sleek and elegant look, it's better to choose nude underwear over white.

Wearing underwear that closely matches your skin tone gives a more seamless and effortless look. Therefore, keeping the spotlight on you and not your underwear.

Recommended Undies:

Subset (formerly Knickey) mid-rise briefs. They are the softest, stretchiest, most breathable pair of undies to wear under any dress or outfit all day. We've tried them for ourselves wearing them all day on set.

We currently carry four flesh tone colors: "Beach Bum", "Peachy Keen", "Butterscotch" and "Bon Bon"​​​​​​​​. *The color names and availability may vary as the vendor may make changes without notice.


My Nude Bra Tape by My Nude Shade


2. Nude Boob Tape.

This is the best option when going strapless and backless in 2024. Boob tape in your skin tone is the smartest choice when it comes to bra alternatives. Skin-matching boob tape is free of underwires, straps that dig into your shoulders, and can be tailored to any outfit or dress.

Recommended Boob Tape:

My Nude Bra Tape. Our bra tape is available in five different skin colors from light to dark: "Warm Peach", "Brown Sugar", "Warm Caramel", "Spiced Coffee", and "Dark Coffee"​​​​​​​​. It's made with breathable cotton and elastic for stretch and flexibility so that you can dance all day and all night! 

It's easy to remove with oil, easy to travel with, and can double as kinesiology tape to nurse achy and tired muscles.

3. Nude-Colored Pasties.

When going braless, having overactive or sensitive nipples, or opting for nude bra tape, disposable or reusable nipple covers are a solid and reliable choice. Note: It helps to choose nipple covers closest to the color of your breasts and not your areolas.

Recommended Pasties:

My Skin Tone Reusable Nipple Covers. To match most skin tones, they're available in colors from lightest to darkest. "Peach", "Wheat", "Brown Honey", and "Coffee"​​​​​​​​.

Already have a pair of reusable nipple covers but don't know how to care for them? Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to keep them clean and sticky!

✨Psst... DEAL ALERT! Buy two pairs of My Nude Reusable Nipple covers or two rolls of My Nude Bra Tape or mix and match for $27.98 🤫😉

4. Bandages.

Keeping band-aids on hand might not seem like a big deal, but trust and believe things happen when you're having the best time of your life. Events like prom, a wedding, and graduation are photo-heavy moments. A drop of blood or the obviously wrong color band-aid can throw off any fashionable look.

Recommended Band-aids.

Browndages. As seen on Shark Tank, they are the first bandage brand to create bandages in multiple skin colors for every shade of brown. They offer individual and assorted packs with colors like, "Sand", "Wheat", "Caramel", "Mocha", and "Ebony"​​​​​​​​.

A bundle deal of warm brown mid-rise briefs, a roll of caramel colored boob tape, a pair of light brown reusable nipple covers, and three caramel colored bandages on a white background with a My Nude Shade logo.

5. Bundle all of the above and save time and money!

Our goal is to save everyone time on shopping for their skin tone. We believe that Black and Brown people should be able to find apparel and products in their skin tone just as easily as those with lighter skin. 

Recommended Bundle:

My Nude Starter Bundle. Available in light to tan and brown to dark brown. Save over 20% when you bundle all of the products we've mentioned above. When you bundle you get...

  • 2 boxes of Browndages
  • 1 roll of My Nude Bra Tape 
  • 1 Pair of My Nude Reusable Nipple Covers 
  • 1 Pair of Subset Mid-Rise Undies
  • Add 1 more roll of My Nude Bra Tape for just $7 dollars! (except during sales)

My Nude Shade makes shopping for your shade of nude easier and painless.​​​​​​​​
Spend less than 15 minutes shopping for YOUR shade of nude today! Just simply click the logo above or go to

Need help choosing items in your skin tone, DM us on Instagram or email us at!


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