How To Clean Reusable Nipple Covers Before and After Wearing.

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The Benefits of Reusable Nipple Covers:

  1. They're a sustainable solution for going braless in backless and strapless tops and dresses.
  2. They're ultra-thin hypoallergenic silicone.
  3. They're sweatproof and never leave a sticky residue.
  4. They're perfect for work or play all year long.
  5. They come in 4 flesh-toned colors to match every skin color.

Why You Should Wash Your New Nipple Covers

Before wearing your reusable nipple covers, it's important to learn how to care for them if you want them to last a long time and stick proper with every wear. Washing them properly not only insures long use, but removes any dust and other particles that may come in contact with your skin.

This is also a good practice because, even though orders are packed with clean hands, products come in contact with multiple pairs of hands before they even reach our inventory and eventually arrive to your doorstep.

Washing your pasties after wearing them prevents buildup of skin, sweat, and other impurities that may remain on them.

Here's a tutorial on how to wash your nipple covers. (Video provided below)

1. Peel the plastic backing off the nipple covers. It's optional to keep them because you can use them again.

2. Turn on warm water. Avoid using hot water on silicone.

3. Use SLS-free soap. (SLS =  Sodium lauryl sulfate) It's gentle on your skin and on your reusable nipple covers. If you don't have SLS-free soup, try using baby body wash or your facial cleanser.

4. Shake off excess water and leave on a flat surface to air dry. Avoid using towels, paper towels, or anything else because it may leave fibers on the sticky side of the nipple covers and keep them from sticking.

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