7 Ways to Keep Dance Tights Looking New and Fresh

A tanned woman posing on one leg in brown stirrup dance tights.

How to Make Your Dance Tights Last Longer.

Although dance is one of the most graceful professions in the world, a dance career is quite expensive. You have to pay for dance classes, and intensives, book travel arrangements, competition entrance fees, costumes, makeup, and more. Even beyond money, time is a currency you can't get back or make more of to replace. Make what you have, no matter how much the cost, last as long as possible to save money and save time.

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Make your dance tights last longer.

Whether you're a dancer, figure skater, acrobat, or any performer, you have to take better care of your dancewear, regardless of style, cost, or how long it lasts. Everyone should treat tights with care as they are one of the most fragile pieces of your wardrobe.

1. Prevent snags: Check your manicure & pedicure!

Take a good look at your fingernails and toenails for chipping, cracks, splitting, and hangnails that could snag your tights as you put them on. Even remove any rings that could snag and leave a hole or run in any hosiery. Do this before you even open your packaging.

2. Open and check your package carefully.

As soon as you get your tights from the store or in the mail, you should check your tights for any defects in the seams and the texture. Check for any stains or discoloration. Do not try to wash it out if they arrived that way.

3. Check for the correct size and color.

To help, read reviews and know your body type and shape. For example, those who have thicker hips, thighs, and/ or calves, size up when trying a new brand. Shopping online for skin tone tights can be tricky for those with darker skin. Therefore, it helps to compare photos of yourself to the color of the tights.

4. Handwash or gentle cycle only.

Be gentle with tights to keep them stretchy and colorful, regardless of claims about durability. After every class or performance, handwash them or put them in a laundry bag for delicates and in the washer with like colors. Wash them with a simple clear detergent made for sensitive skin. This prevents irritation and rashes in or on intimate body parts wear tights and leotards touch.

5. Avoid high heat.

High temperatures can weaken textiles like nylon tights. The heat from hot water, a dryer, or iron can melt the elastic, therefore making your tights unwearable. Wash them in cool water. Then, hang them in front of a fan, use air-only in the dryer, or use a cool hair dryer to dry them and get the wrinkles out.

6. Put them on carefully.

Do not just pull and yank them up. Like normal stockings and pantyhose, practice rolling them up to put them on and rolling down to take them off. Use the pads or sides of your fingers instead of your fingernails to tug, twist, and adjust your tights.

7. Say 'no'  to cheap tights.

Yes, we're all about saving you money. However, choosing cheap random tights from Amazon or Temu will have you spending more money to replace them. Nude Barre, Blendz Apparel, and Mariia Dancewear along with retail stores like My Nude Shade offer sales on tights. These are discounts that can help you save money.

We hope these tips will help you keep your dance tights looking like new and fresh as long as possible. Keep in mind that these pieces of advice aren't just for dance tights. They're also for denier hosiery and everyday leggings.

We're Team You! Yes, You and we're here to help you maintain your career and be your best self. If you're on the hunt for new nude dance tights after the last pair ripped or you (or your child) grew out of them, grab a new pair or two from our nude tights section.

A woman posing in brown stirrup tights.

Are there any tips that we've missed? Let us know in the comments to help fellow performers like you!

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