Empower Your Glow: Easy Skin-Tone Shopping for Performers of Color!

A bundle deal including a pair of medium brown women's underwear with skin tone matching nipple covers, two rolls of boob tape, and band-aids laying on a white background with a flower. Shop for your skin tone in 15 minutes or less.

Performers across the world know the saying "hurry up and wait" all too well. We often have to audition, practice, prepare, and travel to and fro in a hurry, only to wait until it's our time to shine on stage or on set. 

With all of what we have to do, we don't have time to spend hours shopping for our skin tone, especially for darker skin colors. We need a streamlined way to shop and go!

So, the last thing you'd want to do sleep on this time-saving hack for all actresses, gymnasts, dancers, and athletes of color!

The quickest and easiest way to stock up on products for your skin tone is to...​​​​​​​​​

1. Go to scroll up and click the links at the top of the page of www.MyNudeShade.com or click here.

2. Click your skin tone swatch of light, tan, brown, and dark complexions.

Skin-tone swatches to click and begin shopping for apparel and accessories in your shade of nude.
3. Browse your shade category and begin adding YOUR nude-colored items to your cart. 

✨Psst... DEAL ALERT! Buy two pairs of My Nude Reusable Nipple covers or two rolls of My Nude Bra Tape or mix and match for $27.98 🤫😉

*While supplies last. Deal excludes samples. Deals and prices are subject to change without notice. 

4. Click checkout and see all of your items in your cart being matchy matchy!

Here's an example from some of our lovely customers. 

Here's one smart shopper! 👇🏽

How My Nude Shade customer's shop smart and save time browsing for tights, boob tape, and reusable nipple covers in their skin tone.
And another smart shopper! 👇🏾

A smart My Nude Shade customer's order. Items of the same skin color are ordered at one time. In the cart are a pair of Mariia Dancewear tights, Blendz tights, and Browndages band-aids in two skin colors.
5. Enter your address and payment info to complete the checkout process. We accept all payment methods including Apple Pay, Klarna, Meta Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay!

And voila! You've spent less than 15 minutes shopping and you can get back to practicing, rehearsing, studying, resting, and being the superstar #ShadeBabe that you are.

My Nude Shade makes it that simple for everyone of every skin color to shop their shade. Not ready to shop? Join our email list for exclusive deals, coupon codes, news, and more. 👇🏽



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