What?! Black Barbie, Juneteenth, and Shondaland. We're Ready!

What?! Black Barbie, Juneteenth, and Shondaland. We're Ready!

YES!!! She's more than just a doll. She's a part of Black HERstory, and we can't wait to watch it! 

*Btw, this is a short article, about 2 minutes long, but take a shot every time you read "Black Barbie" to make it fun. LOL

Let's get into it!


Black Barbie Gets a Documentary!

It's not just any documentary. It's a beautiful Netflix documentary executive produced by Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, retelling how three Black women working for Mattel changed herstory for every little Black girls across the world. 

The first Black designer for Mattel, Kitty Black Perkins along with Beulah Mae Mitchell and Stacy McBride Irby are the women responsible for debuting Black Barbie in 1980, a true representation in childhood imagination. And I'm all about representation! 

Why are we excited for a documentary about a Black Barbie? 

For me and other Black women, many of us didn't grow up having Black Barbie or any other doll of color as an option. Going down the toy aisle, we'd see rows and rows of white dolls with blonde hair and blue eyes. So when we would finally get a Black Barbie, we were filled with joy.

Finally, a real Mattel-branded Black Barbie doll.

My mom, she didn't grow up in with a Black Barbie doll, but she made sure I (born in the 80s, but a child of the 90s) had a variety of Barbies. They had the cutest outfits and accessories that would eventually get lost in my toy box or get hair stuck on the velcro. I even had the Jasmine Barbie from Aladdin. She was gorgeous!

Today, there are many more dolls representing other ethnicities that our children can choose from which is progress. Therefore, we all get to watch and learn the full story behind the creation of the doll that changed everything.

Where and when can we watch it?

The newest historical documentary to watch can be found only on Netflix on June 19, 2024! 

And did you notice it's coming to Netflix on Juneteenth?! Perfection!

Anything with Shondaland is intentional! In-ten-tion-al. Completely and beautifully intentional. 

So set the reminder on your calendar and Netflix profile. 

Did you have a Black Barbie growing up?

Do you still collect them? Let us know in the comments!


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