Laying the Foundation: How I Started My Nude Shade From Scratch

Ebony Glass, the founder of My Nude Shade and how she started her business from scratch.

Someone asked what do I do and how I got here. 

This was my response.

I run a startup company. The process to get here was/ is one hell of a yellow-brick-road adventure. I legit gained a brain, a heart, and some courage. I forgot to mention to them that I found my home as well. 

The process was three years in the making and it took a leap of faith with mustard-seed faith. :)

A Three Year Journey: Laying the Foundation

June 2021 and June 2024, to build My Nude Shade I....

1. Got the idea days after finalizing my divorce and getting endometriosis surgery in the same week. June 7th and June 10th respectively.

2. Registered as an LLC with the state four months later.

3. Began designing my Shopify store with a free theme.

4. Began reaching out to brands to have some in our inventory to prove the concept as I applied for grants and other programs.

5. Soft launched the online store in March 2022.

6. Got into an accelerator program [with the Be Nimble Foundation] two months later and got some funding.

7. For the next 8 to 10 months, I added a couple more products to the store. They did okay, but I had increased store traffic with blogs.

8. July to August 2023, I got accepted into the Black in Ecom (now know as Ecom House) pitch competition. I didn't think I'd qualify for it and almost didn't apply. Then, I didn't know how I'd get there, but I got there with the help of family and friends and ended up winning 3rd place. 🥉

9. Relaunched the website in October 2023.

10. Between November 2023 and May 2024, got laid off, and tried finding jobs that I didn't want. Then decided to just go all in, further improved my website, and found some funding in the process. Now, I can pay myself just enough to keep going.

11. Improvements are still being made, new inventory ordered, and I'm now able to obtain a trademark attorney. She's a Black woman in my city too!


I said all this, not to discourage them or anyone else, but to show everyone that the best way to start is just to start and use what you already have in your hand.

What did I already have in my hand? I double majored in fashion design and merchandising. I know retail, merchandising (apparel and CPG), pattern making, and apparel manufacturing.

Also, every single job I've ever had has prepared me for this, even non-fashion-related jobs. 

I started with $3,000 in cash and an idea that God placed in my heart and saw the vision from the beginning.

Look at what's in your hand.

Chances are you've already laid the foundation and you need to commit to going all in. Not saying quit your job, but to have faith and know that where God guides He provides. 

Moving in silence isn't always the best method. Nevermind "listening or monitoring spirits." Nothing and no one can out do the Holy Spirit.

Keep talking about your business in the right spaces. Keep journaling about it all and include how it's affecting your personal life. Document as much as you can. And most importantly, have fun! 

You got this fr fr!


  • Seppy Sky on

    I needed to hear this seriously!!! This gave me encouragement.

  • Je’Tara Mitchell on

    Love this! I’m truly inspired by your trust in God and stepping out on faith to move forward even during faith testing seasons. So proud of you and keep trusting God to guide you. Job 22:28-29.

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