How to Feel Worthy as an Artist: Inspiring Journal Prompts | Week Two

Affirmations and journal prompts for performers of color on a white paper note and a beige background..

Week Two Affirmation: "I am equally deserving of opportunities and recognition for my talent and hard work."

Welcome to week two of your journal writing for performers of color.

As artists and performers of color, there are many factors that would contribute to why some of us may struggle to believe the prompt above. That we're equally deserving of opportunities and recognition for our talent and work, is true. 

If we're to progress in our craft and strengthen our skill, we have to sit for a moment and check in with ourselves to if we really believe we're deserving, no matter what stage we are in our growth as artists. If don't believe it every day or just for a moment, take time to dissect this.

Think about what could be causing this. 

For many, it's the cost of training, apparel, and materials against the vast wage gap for Black, Brown, and Indigenous artists and performers. Then, once we get into the classes and competitions we've always wanted to be in, we may be only person of color. 

Add in being treated differently with rude or snide comments and it can leave some feeling defeated before we even begin.

This Week's Journal Prompt: Do I truly feel like I deserve what I have or am going for? Why or why not?

Who or what is making me feel this way?

Would it help to change environments or stay where I am? Why or why not?

Take time to journal about that this week and repeat this week's affirmation to yourself.



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