The Power of My Representation! Inspiring Journal Prompts | Week Three

A short affirmation on a white paper on a brown burlap background. Affirmations for performers of color that says, I embrace the power of representation and inspire others through my artistry.

Week Three Affirmation: "I embrace the power of representation and inspire others through my artistry."

Representation will always matter. YOUR representation will always matter!

As mentioned in our last journal prompt, you may be the only Black or Brown babe in the class, but showing up for yourself means that you're also showing up for those who will follow in your footsteps. 

Naturally, those of us in the performing arts not only have the eyes of our coaches and peers on us, we also have known and unknown admirers in the present and future. Our mere existence is powerful! When we answer our calling, we radiate that power as light to show others the way.

Think about all of those who have inspired you to be the dancer, actress, singer or whoever you are today. Where do you think you'll be if they gave up? 

This week's journal prompt: Who has inspired you to become who you are and what you do today?

Do you feel positive or negative about possibly being that representation for others?


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