Four Met Gala Designer Looks With Nude Mesh & Glamour!

Four Met Gala Designer Looks With Nude Mesh & Glamour!

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Now, we know that the Met Gala was almost two weeks ago (as we are posting this), but we had to talk about it still. Better late than never because many looks had some variation of barely-there mesh, showing us that the brown girlies matter.

Here, we are inclusive, but we have to... like must point out the best of the best skin-matching fabric designed to perfection on the brown babes!

So, here are our favorite looks! They were sexy and glamorous with nude mesh under detailed sequins, gems, or flowers.

Top 4 Met Gala Looks That Gave Us Nude & Glamour On Brown Skin!

Janelle Monae at the 2024 Met Gala in Vera Wang Dress

1. Janelle Monae

In Vera Wang with floating plastic paillettes made from recycled plastic, Janelle' is in golden brown skin tone colored mesh holding her well-tailored dress all together. Janelle's stylist and Vera Wang deserve awards! Obviously, she ate and licked the plate! 


Venus Williams at the 2024 Met Gala wearing Marc Jacobs

2. Venus Williams

Venus is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress covered in tiny mirrored paillettes and nude mesh mimicking her yellow- based brown skin tone. It's giving mermaid with the aqua green mirrors gradually fading up to the blue. Chef's kiss!


Anok Yai at the Met Gala wearing Swarovski

3. Anok Yai

Anok (a living doll) is adorned in a full-body, hands included, Swarovski jumpsuit in mermaid colors with crystals sprinkled on dark nude mesh across her chest

Forgive me, but I've never seen a whole jumpsuit to the fingertips covered in crystals. The skin toned mesh... whoever and I do mean WHOEVER made this, I want to kiss them because they knew what they were doing! They cared about her shade 100%.

4. Lizzo

Lizzo is in a custom sheer Victor Weinsanto corset dress matching her milky-brown skin tone adorned with flowers with a matching headpiece resembling a naked Amazonian flower that only blooms once every five years in the moonlight. Rare and special!


Which look was your favorite?

Let's have a friendly chat about it in the comment section.


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