Your Guide to Shopping for Underwear for Sexy Dresses and Tops

Your Guide to Shopping for Underwear for Sexy Dresses and Tops

Certain underwear choices can make or break your look. If your goal is to look chic and effortless for that date this weekend, your friend's wedding, or your day on set or the runway, you need nude underwear.

How to Shop for Nude Underwear for Melanin Skin

Keeping people of color ready for the spotlight is our specialty. It's important to make sure that the wrong color or type of underwear is stealing your shine. 

Bra straps, bright colored panties, thick seams, and more can draw attention to the wrong place.

Medium brown panties bundled with matching boob tape, bandages, and reusable nipple covers for brown skin.

Underwear, bras, makeup in your skin tone in one place. My Nude Shade. One store, one trip, one ship! 

So let us show you the best underwear options we have to help you go nude without going naked.

Nude underwear for dark brown skin tones.

Yellow on a Black woman will always turn heads. It's bright and flowy with a halter neckline. Wearing reusable silicone nipple covers and seamless underwear that match the skin as closely as possible will work wonders.

The reason for this is because yellow is a bright color that is unforgiving and will reveal the color of underwear underneath, even if you try wearing yellow lingerie underneath.

The halter neckline will reveal any straps on a bra. Lastly, since she's modeling, she would need underwear that fits every wardrobe change.

Nude Underwear for medium to deep brown skin tones.


Yes! We live for an off-the-shoulder dress. Showing skin, giving cleavage, and hugging the figure at the same time. This look calls for bra tape and seamless briefs. 

The green wouldn't reveal too much of any underwear color. However, since she's wearing dress that's off-the-shoulder, boob tape in her skin tone would give her a better hold and keep her cleavage than a regular bra. Wearing matching briefs would bring it all together. 

Nude for light to tanned skin tones.

The always in season LBD, the little black dress! 

Believe it or not, most colors can be seen under black. If the fabric isn't thick, your underwear will show even if it's just as black as the dress. It just won't blend in.

What would work for the style and color of dress she has on? We recommend bra tape, nipple covers, and a seamless thong or brief. If your little black dress isn't form-fitting, you could get away with regular nude panties.

As mentioned, our goal is to save your hours of shopping for the right underwear in your skin tone. No more scrolling through hundreds of pages and websites looking for what is meant for you.

Grab a pair of reusable nipple covers, bra tape, seamless underwear, and more here at My Nude Shade. And if you've made it this far, use this coupon code TAKE10 for 10% OFF any purchase today!


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